Motorcycle riding gears

Must Have Motorcycle Riding Gears – 2021

Motorcycle Riding Gears

Basic protective gear is a must, for every ride. The aftermarket accessories & apparel offer lots of essential items that can come in handy while on a day trip or a circuit ride. Many of these items are well designed & engineered, to provide a different level of protection to the rider as well as the bike.

Use this checklist to make sure you have what you need before stepping out the door to ride your motorcycle.

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Helmets & Head Gears


Motorcycle riding gears

By law, you must wear a helmet whenever you ride your motorcycle. Head injuries are among the most serious you can have. Check the SHARP website for relative performance, but make sure your choice fits closely and comfortably around your whole head. A full-face helmet is among the best for bike riders. They provide all sorts of protection from wind, rain, show & hot summer winds.

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Motorcycle riding gears

Balaclava is a piece of headgear that protects the head & face. It’s a piece of stitched fabric that covers the whole head, opening the eyes, ears & mouth. In some versions, it can be pulled up to cover the mouth & nose for better protection against cold weather. Some manufacturers even use anti-odor & anti-fungal materials for the fabric.


Motorcycle riding gears

Feet and leg injuries are most common of all in riding accidents. Proper motorcycle boots with built-in armor make a big difference. Breathable waterproof boots make a good choice.


Motorcycle riding gears

The first thing you do to protect yourself when you fall is put your hands out front. Never, ever ride without proper motorcycle gloves. Look for good armored, comfortable fit, and water resistance where necessary.


Motorcycle riding gears

Next to head injuries, spinal damage is the worst issue you can face. An approved back protector, in or under your jacket or leathers, is extremely important.

All joints should be protected by CE-approved armor inserts. D30 armor is a relatively recent innovation that molds to your body shape. It’s soft and pliable to touch but chemically changes when hit by hard forces to instantly harden. For some, it’s more comfortable than conventional armor while offering CE-certified protection.

Jacket or Leathers

Motorcycle riding gears

One-piece or zip-together two-piece leathers offer the ultimate protection. Textiles vary a lot in abrasion resistance, so keep a lookout for Moto CAP star ratings. However, they’re usually waterproof. Ensure CE-approved armor will protect all your joints and back.

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Riding pants or Jeans

Motorcycle riding gears

Riding pants offers top-level safety to the riders, especially while riding a sports category or superbikes. There are some well-renowned brands in this business. They offer the highest level of protection with enough comfort & functionality for long-distance commuting.

Choose leather or abrasion-resistant textile with knee and hip armor. Zipped to your jacket is best. Kevlar-lined jeans may suffice for a short, casual ride. Many have pockets for knee armor. These jeans are usually rugged & tough on the exterior, they are intentionally made that tough to provide a high level of protection.

Bluetooth Intercoms

Motorcycle riding gears

While riding with your biker friends the Bluetooth-enabled intercoms are very useful gadgets. In today’s traffic and uncertain road conditions, it serves well to have such devices along with you. They are enabled with inbuilt batteries & microphones to capture your audio and then transmit it to other riders. They offer a few meters of range, within which you can communicate, update & inform your fellow riders about the upcoming road or traffic situations. You can find tons of reliable & user-friendly models out there in the market, at different price ranges.

Bike-orientated streetwear

Motorcycle riding gears

Casual-style apparel offering some protection has become increasingly popular. Most won’t offer as much protection as top-performing conventional motorcycle gear. However, for round-town, low-speed riding it’s a better option than regular clothing.

As well as Kevlar jeans, you’ll find armored hoodies and over shirts, ankle boots, and wrist-length gloves. The usual advice applies – look for CE-approved armor in the right places with materials and stitching that will offer some abrasion resistance.

Visor Films

Visor for helmet

Tinted visors only work in bright sunshine. After dark, they’re a danger. If you’ll be riding after sunset, go with a clear visor and sunglasses. In rain and poor visibility, only use a clear or high-visibility yellow visor.

Tools – Get-you-home kit

Whether under-seat or in your bike’s tool kit, it pays to have a few items packed away to get home safely in an emergency:

  • Chain lube, a mini can for longer rides
  • A set of multi-tool, you can easily find a huge variety of those in e-commerce markets. They come equipped with multiple metal tool items for different operations, like a knife, scissors, file, screwdriver, pliers, hex-sockets, etc. There are many manufacturers with tons of models & features, so choose a handy one as your budget allows.
  • A tire puncture kit is a must to keep, while away from home on a ride. They are quite affordable can be easily bought from any E-stores or auto-parts outlet. (Read the manual provided for handling & safe usage).
  • For an emergency petrol fund, store a RS 100/200 note in a zip lock bag inside the bike toolkit, so it won’t blow away. Or duct tapes them together, to protect them from water/moisture.

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